How to Become a Bookseller on Amazon - An Intensive Guide

Many people have dreams of becoming booksellers on Amazon but don’t want to go through the hassle of opening a brick and mortar store. The best option is to then sell books on Amazon. And why wouldn’t they? Being a bookseller on Amazon is one of the easiest and profitable things one can do. IO Scout Tool for your business. Keep on reading to find out how to sell books on Amazon.

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Where to Find Books to Sell on Amazon

Now, before you start selling books to Amazon, you need to know where to find them. Here are a few places you could look:

Your Bookshelf

Obviously, your own library should be the first place to go for books when you’re thinking about selling books on Amazon. Apart from your shelf, you probably have a lot of books all over your home that you have no problem letting go of. This is one way to build your inventory at no cost – so search high and low until you find them and set them aside.

The Internet

Before you leave your home in search of used books to sell, hit the interweb. You will no doubt find plenty of used books on websites like eBay and Craigslist that you can buy for cheap. You can then sell them on Amazon for a nice profit. Just be careful and always make sure the book you’re buying isn’t in bad condition – although you should expect to get a few books that are.

Yard Sales

Now it is time to head out and check the yard sales. Here, you can find everything, from the current Amazon best selling books to pure classics. You have no idea the type of valuable books that people are willing to part with in yard sales simply because they don’t know how much they’re worth.

Flea Markets

Similar to yard sales is flea markets. You will find true gems here that will fetch a hefty price on Amazon. And the best part is that you can negotiate to get them at the lowest price, provided the seller doesn’t know the value of what he or she has.

Used Book Stores

The last option if you want to sell books on Amazon is to hit the used book stores. Since these people are also trying to make a profit, don’t expect the books to be cheap. However, if you catch the book stores while they’re having a sale, you might walk away with a couple of titles you can make a pretty penny with.

How to Sell Used Books on Amazon – 3 Steps

Okay, now that you have built up an inventory, it is time to sell used books on Amazon. Here are the three steps you need to follow:

1. Create Your Amazon Seller Account

First and foremost, an Amazon Seller account is needed if you want to become a bookseller on Amazon. Luckily, creating one is easy. Just follow the below steps:

  • Start by going to Amazon to create a normal account, as you will need the credentials when opening your Seller account.
  • You will be required to enter some person and financial information to complete the process.
  • Next, head on to Amazon Seller Central to create your Seller profile there.
  • Click on “Start Selling” to begin the registration process.
  • You will need to choose between two plans: Individual and Professional (just be sure to read about the fees involved).
  • Once finished, you will have access to the web interface, which is where you will sell your books.

2. Start Listing the Books for Sale

On Seller Central, you will have access to tools you can use to list books. Here’s how the process usually works:

  • To begin, navigate to the page: “Sell Your Stuff.”
  • Choose “Books” as your category.
  • Search if the book is already on Amazon using the title or ISBN.
  • If found, just go to the book’s details page and click "Sell on Amazon"
  • If not found, make a new listing and enter all the book’s details.
  • Set which price you want to sell it at.
  • Tell your customers what condition the book is in.
  • Choose a shipping method.

3. Use Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA)

If you don’t want to bother with handling shipping, then all you have to do is sign up for Amazon FBA . This is a program that allows you to send your books to one of Amazon’s fulfillment centers. When a customer purchases your book, Amazon will handle the shipping for you. They will also handle any returns and refunds on your behalf.


If you want to sell books on Amazon, this guide will help you get started. Many people have made profits selling books on Amazon. You could be one of them.