Best Amazon Product Research and Finder Tools

As an Amazon seller, you already know that the marketplace you’re in is hyper-competitive. This makes finding profitable products extremely difficult without any Amazon product research tools to help you. If you are looking for such tools, then you have come to the right place. Below is a list of the best paid and free product research tools you can use.

Top Paid Amazon Product Research Tools

IO Scout

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IO Scout has quickly gained a reputation for being one of the best amazon tools for Amazon FBA product research. It has a Product Database filled with tons of products, and you can use its many filtering tools to help you find one that is profitable. It also has a Product Tracker that allows you to see if a product is a rising trend or just a fad that will soon fade into obscurity.

With such meaningful insights, you or your marketing team will gain the power to make informed decisions with this amazing Amazon product finder and research tool. It even has a Chrome extension that makes product research Amazon even easier.

There is a free trial, but the paid version starts at $29 a month.

Jungle Scout

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Jungle Scout has a great list of features that make it a great Amazon product finder software. Like IO Scout before it, it also has a large Amazon Product Database for discovering products to invest in and a Product Tracker for analyzing historical trends.

Beyond that, its Opportunity Finder helps you find niches with profitable products you can sell. It also provides you with keywords that you can rank rather easily because they have little competition. And the ability to see niche sales over time, coupled with its feature Niche Score will tell you which niches are worth your time in the long run or short term. This is why it is considered to be the best Amazon product research tool in many people's eyes.

The monthly subscription for this amazing tool starts at $39 per month.

Helium 10

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Another Amazon product research software that sellers love is Helium 10. Black Box is a great amazon product finder integrated within Helium 10, with advanced filters that allow you to find new products in minutes. It also provides data on less saturated niches, allowing you to discover even more products that will sell like hotcakes.

With Trendster , you can view historical trends rendered in gorgeous and easy-to-read graphs. This allows you to visualize the data at a glance and capitalize on market trends that can keep your business going year-round.

It also has an Amazon market research Chrome extension called Xray . With this tool, you can spy on the competition, calculate the profitability of a product, check inventory levels and analyze reviews.

You can enjoy all these features of Helium 10 starting at $97 a month.

Top Free Amazon Product Research Tools

AMZ Base

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For a free Amazon product research tool, AMZBase does a lot to help you find products to sell. This Chrome extension taps into CamelCamelCamel to give you historical data on prices to help you with your competitive pricing strategy. And it also allows you to calculate your FBA fees to determine how much in profits you will make on any given product.

It also lets you do a little spying on your competitors. Furthermore, this Amazon research tool allows you to easily obtain a product’s ASIN No, which you can then use to perform a reverse ASIN lookup using the next tool on this list.


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Sonar is a keyword tool that helps you discover keywords that will help your product listing rank highly on Amazon. And the tool is easy to use too: just enter a keyword and hit “PING” to get the results. And it uses real live Amazon data as well, so you know this keyword tool works very well.

A good way to use this tool for Amazon product analysis is to perform a reverse ASIN lookup. You can easily enter the ASIN No for a particular product to see how your competitors are using certain keywords to rank their products. Then all you have to do is take the best keywords and create a better listing than them.

Final Thoughts

Doing Amazon product research is not an easy task. If you want it done right, you need to spend weeks or months researching before you can find products that will sell well on Amazon. Luckily, all you have to do is find the best Amazon product search tool to speed up your efforts and increase your chances of success.