Best Amazon Price Tracker

Amazon does something very well, and nowadays it’s the largest online retail network in the world, with its own streaming service and trademarked physical products. However, for you, the most important feature Amazon offers is the chance to make some money… lots of money if you do it right.

In this article, you are going to find out which are the best amazon price monitor solutions. Why would this interest you? Because keeping track of price changes and have fast updates is a key element of the progression of your business.

Top Amazon Price Trackers

These are the top 5 best Amazon price tracker solutions for beginners and pros alike. Make sure to learn all you can about them. Most of these are free web apps, with great potential, providing helpful insight on product price changes.


amazon price monitor

The Camel Camel Camel has a great reputation. Its name might look silly, but popularity shows that it’s a valuable tool. Among the Amazon price tracking apps you could find, Camel Camel Camel is one of the best.

Sign up, and you get access to advanced price tracking (including historical data too), detailed statistics, and a whole bunch of features served via a fine-tuned and powerful interface. 

Navigation is easy, and with the plugins for the major browsers it’s even better. With the extension, it shows you info on the product page.


amazon price tracker

Keepa is a powerful tool. You use this free web-app to get all the details and statistics you want. 

Keepa has proven to be a great addition to any Amazon-toolkit. For example, the price history charts provide the users with an easy-to-understand graphical way to understand the changes of the chosen product’s price.

There is an availability and price drop alert system, which keeps you updated. On Keepa’s home page, you get access to the monitored Amazon deals and prices, the paid version of Keepa that offers more features.

Amazon Price Tracker by DigitalInspiration 

This Amazon price watch solution is another ideal for beginners. Navigation on the site is easy, and the actual app is also one of the most organized and usable in this category. Basically, the Amazon Price Tracker by DigitalInspiration is a price tracker application, which allows you to select and monitor different products.

You can use the alert feature for regular Amazon price check, and be updated with the most relevant and recent price changes. As of January 2020, the Amazon Price Tracker by DigitalInspiration is a paid software: a personal version is $29 for a year. It’s the most affordable yet professional apps around.


From this list, Honey is the most versatile Amazon price tracker app. Honey has more than 4500 websites covered!

Best of all: Honey is free, and while you use it, you might even earn “Gold”, which you could redeem for gift cards. Even as a business owner or as a shopaholic, you should install the extension from Honey – it’s available for all browsers (even for Microsoft Edge).

Waatcher is a bit different, as it’s not a business solution, yet it’s still has uses for professional users. Using Waatcher is easy: you join, login to your Amazon account, find the product to monitor, and set up the maximum price you would pay for it. When Amazon changes prices, you get real-time notification about it, and Waatcher could even place an order automatically.

Try it out and see how much you could save!


Amazon price tracking has to be one of the priorities you set when you start your business. With the tools you’ve just read about it’s possible to get ahead of the competition and increase your profits. For normal users, some of these tools are also great to grab the best deals on Amazon! For more details on how these apps work, we recommend you browse through our guides and blog posts!


What are Amazon Price trackers?

Amazon Price trackers are web-based apps or browser extensions that make it possible to select products and receive alerts when the price changes. These tools are also powerful business assistants to track Amazon prices.

Can you view price history on Amazon?

Yes, Amazon has a price history option, but the third-party solutions a friendlier, most tools above are capable to check amazon price history.

Can Amazon alert you when a price drops?

No, Amazon won’t send you alerts when the price of a selected product changes. However, with the apps above, you could receive real-time updates.

Do Amazon refund if price drops?

No, Amazon won’t refund you if price drops after you made your purchase. You might find some sites which say it does, but truth is, if you buy something today, you buy it for the price shown. No adjustments.